After the boom of C.G.I. in the 90’s, “magic creation” in the film industry was re-invented, practical special effects taking a significant step back. Just as an example: the countless hours one single artist would spend animating just one creature have been (in many cases) replaced by teams of people clocking in and out, each with different levels of investment in the project at task. The PHYSICAL TOUCH those long hours required is long gone too, as crews perfect the science of Motion Graphics and performers continue to develop the art of acting opposite a green screen.

While the new technologies open up a whole –and magnificent- new world of possibilities, we stop to reflect upon what is getting lost along the way. Is grander always better? Does more “real” equal more “believable” every time? What is “real” after all?

How does the energy of touch (and the lack of thereof) play a role and how is the end product affected? In pursuit of perfection, are we just simply falling out of touch? Ultimately, if any movie -or art form, for that matter- succeeds at touching our hearts: does it really matter how it did it?

Mixing stop-motion animation with traditional interviews and VO Narration, this is a documentary that focuses on the essence of magic, the craft of traditional special effects and its connection to the science of touch through the experience of actors, directors, craftsmen and others, while paying homage to ALL the movies that have touched us.